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Getting Married on Shabbat—What you need to know

You just got engaged. Congratulations! Now it’s time to pick a date for your Big Day. You look at the calendar, talk to family and friends, and call catering halls, venues… and it looks like the best time to get married for you both is a Friday evening or a Saturday during the day. You and your partner are not that traditional, so getting married on the Jewish Sabbath doesn’t seem like that big a deal. But are there things you should think about before getting married on Shabbat?

Let’s go Ketubah Shopping

I hear from couples all the time, “Cantor, we’ve never done this before…” Of course! Unless you’ve been through planning a wedding before, there is no experience from which to draw when it comes to so many details involved with the rites and rituals of a wedding. Nowhere is this more potentially confusing is when shopping for a ketubah. With so many choices between artists and texts, it can be confusing. Let’s do a deep dive and see what you need to know about shopping for a ketubah.

How to decide on a Wedding Officiant

You’ve popped the question, said, “I do,” and shared with friends and family. And now, you’re faced with a barrage of decisions: When to hold the wedding, where to have the party, who will be the photographer… and of course, who will preside over the wedding service. You want the day or evening to go just right… so how do you decide on a wedding officiant that will be just right for the two of you?