I knew when I first spoke with Rachael and Michael, that they were truly a dynamic and creative couple. They both come from the performing and theater world and had a lot of creative input into crafting their Big Day. We had a lot of fun putting things together that would pay respect to each of their pasts as well as give insight to the home and relationship they were committed to building for the future.

How does one celebrate a unique couple? How about starting with a unique venue! I’ve officiated at “farm weddings” and “barn weddings,” but this was my first “warehouse wedding.” The venue’s aesthetics were so “Rachael and Michael:” A retro meets urban feel. At the same time, we included some of the more traditional Jewish elements. In fact, Michael, who is great working with wood, created a “bashert” sign (“Bashert” refers to someone who you were fated to be with) to hang over the khuppah (wedding canopy).

The groom didn’t want to spoil the surprise of seeing his bride before the actual ceremony began, so we had him hold up a plate during the ketubah signing in order that he could be present and at the same time preserve the mystery.

Rachael and Michael’s wedding was recently featured in the Urban Wedding Company’s blog. And do check out the amazing photography (featured above) by Phil Porto

Mazal tov to the happy couple!